Offline Android Games

There are many types of android games, which are online and offline. Here we discuss about offline and interesting android games.Here are the simplest offline Android games for you to play and enjoy. These games can be download from google play store.

Implosion: Never Lose Hope

Implosion: Never Lose Hope is a fantastic action game from Rayark could be a good looking sci-fi slash-n-shoot-em-up romp, during which you control a snazzy-looking mech. you’re charged with saving humanity from a scourge of alien mutants. The primary six levels are liberal to play and a one-time IAP unlocks the full game – an epic campaign, side-missions, and challenges which will keep you busy for hours.

With responsive controls, effortlessly badass looking animations and a spread of nasty enemies and challenging boss battles, I need to admit that Implosion got me hooked. The degree is mostly well-designed for brief (5-10 min) bursts of play, but there is a spread of special conditions that you simply can aim for to feature replay ability and unlock cool stuff.

If you deal $9.99 for the complete game you’ll be able to also unlock other playable characters with different capabilities (one for the most campaign, one in a very side-story). There is a plot with pretty cut scenes too, but I can wholeheartedly recommend it for the carnage alone.

Subway Surfers:

Subway Surfersis an endless running and free android video game developed and published by Kiloo. A sequel to Temple Run, the sport was produced, designed and programmed byKiloo and SYBO Games, private companies based in Denmark. It is developed for android, iOS and windows phones.As of June 2014, Subway Surfersfor android and its precedent have been downloaded over 1 million times.Subway Surfersfor android features the identical controls as its predecessor. However, the gameplay itself is a little different insofar because it introduces latest obstacles, like zip-lines, mine tracks, sharper turns, waterfalls, and jets of fireside. The sport also features new power-ups, whose use is often governed by an energy bar that’s filled up by fetching coins, and players now have the power to save more of the protagonist from death by using keys that are collected while running, or purchased online. The sport is ready during a different location than the primary game, and also the main character runs faster. The police man that chased the character within the original game are eliminated.

Kingdom: New Lands:

Kingdom: New Lands may be a side-scrolling survival strategy game with retro pixel graphics, during which you’re taking on the role of a monarch exploring new lands and build up settlements from scratch. Although the concept of a wandering king dropping coins on random peasants within the wilderness may be a silly scenario, the gameplay is compelling. You progress from area to area, gathering coins and thoroughly deciding where to spend them. That way when the inevitable invasion comes, your urban area can hold it together.

The game is easy to play, with one resource to assemble and spend (coins) and easy tap control. However, do not be fooled, the well-designed areas require a true strategy to beat. As an example, it seems obvious to chop down all the trees you’ll for construction, but doing so prevents new encampments from arriving and you wish those to recruit the peasants, making you lose out on manpower.

Each new land has different conditions and opportunities that make decisions a careful balancing act. Deciding the sport will initially cause some inevitable disasters as you experiment. But the challenge is all a part of the fun and provides some heart-pumping moments when the demon army spills from the portal and you wish to decide on wisely for your poor subjects.

Alto’s Odyssey:

Alto’s Odyssey is one of the newer offline games that needs no internet and WiFi. It is a side-scrolling infinite runner game for android. You ski down different slopes, make different jumps, and collect a bunch of coins. The coins unlock customization elements within the game shop. You furthermore might get colorful, good looking graphics. They won’t win any awards for realism, but they sure are nice to seem at. The mechanics of this game are very easy enough. You progress forward on your own. The sole player controls are jumping and performing flips in mid-air. The sport is free with advertising. You’ll pay to get rid of the ads or buy coins to unlock customization elements. It’s one of the foremost popular offline Android games.

The long-awaited sequel to Alto’s Adventure just now launched for Android! The new sequel swaps out snowboarding for sandboarding within the desert, canyons, and other exotic locales, but similar to its predecessor, it will be enjoyed completely offline.

As well as a change of scenery, Alto’s Odyssey brings more variety in levels, more movement tricks, more worlds to find and secrets to search out. Beautiful scenery and music help create a soothing and absorbing atmosphere. You’ll play the game for only points or usually relax with the consequence-free ‘zen’ mode.

Alto’s Odyssey is liberal to play, but you will get ads in between levels which will be removed for a pair of greenbacks. If you’re impatient, you’ll also outright purchase the coins that you simply usually collect within the different levels, which may then be accustomed to unlock special items and bonuses, sort of a wingsuit or a compass that has powerups.

Reigns: Her Majesty:

In this game of thrones, you swipe otherwise you die. And sometimes you continue to die, but it is often fun. Besides, you’ll be able to always happily reincarnate back to royalty and check out again.

A sequel to Reigns, a kingdom sim with decisions made through Tinder-style swiping, Reigns: Her Majesty puts you within the queen’s fancy and beautiful shoes this point. However, the essential premise is that the same – employing a selection of cards and items (new to the sequel), you create decisions that try and balance the budget and various other aspects of your kingdom, like the people, the military and also the church. To not mention your own desires.

Reigns: Her Majesty works best played in brief sessions that give the impression of an episodic progression through an ongoing story of politicking, intrigue at court, secret affairs, and occult conspiracies – a queen’s life is rarely dull.

Although it is a game that creates you’re thinking that carefully if you would like to figure for an ideal ending, I never got too stressed about making the incorrect decision. This can be due to the clever writing, which delivers even missteps and misfortunes (and deaths) with delightfully dark humor.


Minecraft is an offline and 2D-top-down action game designed and programmed by Markus Persson and released December 19, 2011. Minecraft: softback is an element of 1 of the most important selling computer game franchises ever. The mobile version of the beloved game may not have everything that its desktop PC counterpart does, but after the diversity of years of frequent updates, it’s pretty darn close and now it have many changes like a desktop PC.

What Minecraft: softback delivers could be a huge open-world sandbox for the creation and/or survival. You’ll be able to play it purely to craft impressive structures and mechanisms, otherwise, you can tackle survival mode where you need to defend against enemy mobs through harsh nights, all the while discovering new items and creating stronger equipment.

There are many weapons, items, and potions, as you would possibly expect. However, it’s the easy act of placing blocks, one at a time, to form structures that have kept its audience captivated since its launch and what gives Minecraft its incredible replay value.

Though there are dozens of titles since, which have tried to repeat this craft and survive formula (Minecraft certainly wasn’t the primary to try and do it), none have managed to match the satisfaction of building like Minecraft.

You’ll have to be online if you would like to play with friends, but no internet connection is required to play the most game alone.

If you are still unsure about Minecraft: softback, there’s a 30-day free trial available, so you’ll be capable to look at what all the fuss is about.


JYDGE is straight-up one among the foremost badass shooter games you will find within the Google Play Store. This can be a twin-stick top-down shooter that features a lot of the way to upgrade your weapons as you allotted justice together with your Gavel.

Each level features various objectives that are required to progress but never want a slogging chore. Confiscating illegal money along with the method, you are capable to improve JYDGE and his gavel with a deep selection of accessories. In this way, JYDGE maintains the rogue-like component from its predecessor Neon Chrome by encouraging you to replay levels with various upgrade combinations until you clear all the objectives.

With a game that has you replay levels over and once more, it’s imperative for a game to search out that blend of great gameplay with a remarkable soundtrack that won’t super irritating or repetitive — and JYDGE completely delivers.

If you ever wanted to measure out your Judge Dredd fantasies of unleashing justice upon the violent miscreants of a futuristic dystopia, then this can be the sport for you. JYDGE may be a ‘twin-stick’ shooter game, which implies you’ve got two (in this case virtual) joysticks, one moves your character, and the opposite aims and shoots your weapon. The straightforward and fluid control scheme lends itself to a frantic pace. You’ve got to react quickly to enemies and bullets – to require cover, aim, move and fire at the identical time. The various missions offer a spread of challenges, and completing them unlocks points to be accustomed to upgrade the cybernetic enhancements of your gavel gun for extra fire modes, health points, secondary weapons so on. This, plus extra mission challenges to compete for badges, assists keep things fresh.

Street Fighter IV: Champion Edition:

Street Fighter IV is a best offline, interesting and fighting game published in 2008 by Capcom, also co-developed the sport with Dimps. It had been the primary original main entry within the series since Street Fighter III in 1997, a hiatus of 11 years.

One of my complaints about SFIV: CE when it first came out for Android was that it required internet or WiFi connection to play. Thankfully, Capcom has since removed this nonsensical restriction and you’ll now enjoy the brawler completely disconnected.

Of course, you can’t play matches against real players unless you’re online, except for arcade-style solo-play vs the AI, it is the best and interesting offline fighting game for Android available. A free download basically gets you a demo with Ryu and a pair of characters, but a one-time $5 purchase unlocks Chun-Li, Guile and every one the classic fighters from the coin-op days, alongside newer faces. The touchscreen controls for mobile are decent, with a choice to activate an infatuated assist button for your special moves if you discover them too tricky.

Thimbleweed Park:

Thimbleweed Park is a fantastic old-school adventure, offline and interesting game with lots of recent features, but faithful its old-school roots. The entire game plays completely offline. Monkey Island/Maniac Mansion creator Ron Gilbert spins a compelling yarn, paying homage to the X-Files and Twin Peaks, a few pairs of idiosyncratic FBI agents investigating a whodunit in an equally idiosyncratic town.

Initially distrustful of every other, the Feds realize they need to figure together to resolve the case. Because the plot thickens, a pair of local misfits becomes involved for his or her own reasons. The puzzles are challenging, and therefore the ability to manage multiple characters offers some creative and complicated (if not always completely logical) solutions to the varied obstacles you meet within the story. But if you’d rather just enjoy the fashionable retro pixel graphics and quirky sense of humor without having to furrow your brow an excessive amount of, there’s a simple model that goes light on the puzzles.