Android Games

Like computer games, Xbox game and play station games there are many android games. Everything from shooters, RPG, casual games, card collecting, racing, survival and more. Our list is in no particular order, and that we didn’t include huge names like Fortnite or PUBG.

Asphalt 8: Airborne

Asphalt 8: Airborne is the latest entry in this celebrated mobile and computer racing game franchise and brings more of the frantic arcade racing action you love.Asphalt 8: Airborne is a 2013 racing android and computer game, developed by Gameloft Barcelona and published by Gameloft as a part of the Asphalt series. It absolutely was released on August 22, 2013, for iOS and Android.Asphalt 8: Airborne is a high-octane racer game that gave a cursory glance towards realism. It then decided against bothering with such an insignificant issue, and decided it’d much prefer you to hasten at insane speeds under the facility of glorious nitro, which regularly sends your car soaring into the air.

Not one for the simulation crowd, then, but this racer is perfection for everyone else. The larger-than-life branched courses – hyper-real takes on actual-world places – are madcap and thrilling. Instead of doing laps around an ordinary circuit surrounded by gravel traps, you blast through rocket launch sites, and blaze through volcanos.

There are downsides – cynical IAPs and timers abound, welding a large comedy tailfin to the current otherwise sleek racer’s stylings. Except for dizzying speed, mid-air barrel rolls, barrel rolls, flat spins and many laughs, this racer is hard to beat.

Clash Royale:

Clash Royale is a freemium actual-time master plan game developed and published by Supercell. The sport combines elements from collectible card games, a multiplayer online battle arena, and tower defense. The sport was released globally on Texas Independence Day, 2016. Clash Royale has reached 1 billion dollars in income in less than a year on the market.Grown bored with Clash of Clans gameplay but still love the characters and world that the oldsters at Supercell have created? Clash Royale is for you! You get to unlock and upgrade classic troops, build your battle deck, and tackle real-life opponents in real-time battles. Join or create a clan and share cards and techniques with friends from round the world. You’ll have to use quick thinking and genuine strategy to win, so you will be compelled to stay tweaking your decks by working in new cards. This game’s been around for some years now, so there is a ton of grinding and chest unlocks ahead for newer players to rank up and unlock all the most effective troop cards and whatnot.

Clash Royale for android is a tower rush game which pits players in games featuring two or four players (1v1 or 2v2) during which the target is to destroy the foremost opposing towers, with the destruction of the “King’s Tower” being an on the spot win

Temple Run 2:

Temple Run 2 is an endless running and free android video game developed and published by Imangi Studios. A sequel to Temple Run, the sport was produced, designed and programmed by husband and wife team Keith Shepherd and Natalia Luckyanova, with art by Kiril Tchangov.As of June 2014, Temple Run 2 for android and its precedent have been downloaded over 1 million times.Temple Run 2 for android features the identical controls as its predecessor. However, the gameplay itself is a little different insofar because it introduces latest obstacles, like zip-lines, mine tracks, sharper turns, waterfalls, and jets of fireside. The sport also features new power-ups, whose use is often governed by an energy bar that’s filled up by fetching coins, and players now have the power to save more of the protagonist from death by using green diamonds that are collected while running, or purchased online. The sport is ready during a different location than the primary game, and also the main character runs faster. The three monkeys that chased the character within the original game are eliminated. Now, a singular enlarged monkey called Cuchank is that the sole antagonist.

Temple Run 2 for android and iOS was announced in an exceedingly surprise announcement by Imangi Studios on January 16, 2013, with the sport being released within the App Store in New Zealand immediately, and a world release coming some hours later.The android version of temple run 2 was released on January 24, 2013.


Oddmar is a beautiful game that plays a sort of a living mag. you’ll be able to play through the primary chapter free so, once you’ve fallen infatuated with it, unlock the remainder of the sport for $5.

Of all the games I’ve played in 2019, Oddmar stands out united of my absolute favorites partially because it’s absolutely gorgeous from its opening sequence through its beautifully animated levels that show a depth of detail you rarely see in an exceedingly mobile game. I’m also somewhat biased because I absolutely adore well-crafted indie platformers but Oddmar still stands out for having an excellent protagonist and excellent story to inform.

You play as Oddmar, an exiled Viking who never quite lived up to his warrior ancestor who is granted special powers by a magical fairy. The timing is simply right, as Oddmar has a chance to redeem himself by occurring a journey of redemption.

Overall, the amount design is pretty linear but never feels stale because of the great style of enemies to bounce off of and therefore the unique obstacles and a few quick puzzles to resolve to progress. On top of all that, Oddmar also comes across these hallucination-like Valhalla challenges that are mixed into most levels. These challenge you with a fast scrolling bonus level that adds some very nice gameplay variety.

Touchscreen controls for platforming games are notoriously difficult to induce the right mobile, on the other hand, a game like Oddmar comes along and shows the industry just how it’s done. Everything feels excellent with the left side of the screen controlling your horizontal movement and therefore the right side dedicated to jumping, attacking ground-pounding, and dash attacks.

You’re able to play the primary section of the sport free with the remainder of the sport unlocked with a one-time in-app payment of $5 — well worthwhile for one in all the simplest games you’ll play on your phone.

Tesla vs Lovecraft:

Tesla vs Lovecraft is that the latest game from Finnish developers 10tons Ltd and it is a real treat. The sport pits discoverer and his hi-tech inventions against a vengeful H.P. Lovecraft who has unleashed endless waves of nightmarish monsters that may quickly swarm around you unless you fight back.

This is an incredibly polished game that twin-stick controls for moving and shooting. The campaign gradually increases in difficulty with a brim over 200 enemies spawning on screen at just the once if you are not fast together with your trigger finger. Fortunately, there are power-ups and perks aplenty which are accessible in rogue-like fashion. You collect XP as you slay monsters and obtain a brand new perk anytime you level up. Power-ups and weapons randomly spawn on the map and you may also want to gather the six pieces required to create Tesla’s mech which might curtail any horde briefly order.

The touchscreen controls feel comfortable and therefore the game also offers great support for Bluetooth controllers which is usually fantastic to work out in an exceedingly premium game. There is a ton of content built into the bottom game, together with some DLC available that gives new monsters, weapons and far more. do not be worry, the sport feels polished without having to dole out extra money, but once you’ve finally made it through everything that Tesla vs Lovecraft has got to provide you with can be glad there is a little more to explore.

Stranger Things: The Game

Stranger Things: the sport could be a surprisingly great game for what was mainly a marketing tool for the Netflix show’s second season. There is a surprising amount of depth to the current game and everything feels complete for a free game.

Stranger Things: the sport is that the tie-in mobile game that other companies wish they may churn out. It is a full-fledged action-adventure game with a full cast of playable characters, plenty of collectibles, and a retro graphical style that matches the show theme and setting.

The game presents the whole town of Hawkins, Indiana together with the adjacent Mirkwood Forest to be explored. It plays a sort of a classic Zelda-style adventure game, with the flexibility to change between characters lending itself to making complex puzzles. Credit Netflix’s marketing team for spending the time to create sure the developers at BonusXP Inc. delivered something truly special for fans of the series. They’ve created a genuinely great game that will even appeal to fogeys like me who don’t seem to be huge Stranger Things fans.

The controls are optimized for mobile and also the game design on display here. The over world is vast and stuffed with secret areas to explore and familiar items from the show scattered throughout as collectibles.

There’s great care much to understand here. Not only is it a faithful adaptation of the show, but it is also available at no cost with no in-app purchases or ads — although you’ll be able to certainly count the sport itself as being an advertisement for the second season of Stranger Things. Here’s hoping it ushers in an exceedingly new trend of considerable mobile games supported TV shows and flicks.

Death Road to Canada:

Everything in Death Road to Canada for android is randomly generated, making every play-through a singular experience during this road trip action-RPG.

Death Road to Canada may be a $10 game — I would like to open thereupon just to urge the sticker shock out of the way before I speak about how awesome this freaking game is.

Facing a zombie apocalypse, you want to lead a scrappy squad of somewhat interesting bodies on a deadly mission to the relative safety of Canada. Along the way, you’ll have to explore and loot places for supplies, while also managing your team’s health and morale.

Everything in Death Road to Canada is randomly generated, making every play-through a singular experience during this dynamic road trip action-RPG. You’ll randomly generate your character and buddy or custom design your starting characters with different attributes to assist them to stay alive, but you almost certainly don’t need to urge too attached unless you are a specialized shot.

The controls admittedly take some getting accustomed, and there is a fairly steep learning curve as you learn which weapons are handiest and which times it’s better to fight or run. And you may die, early and infrequently, although that’s a part of the fun of a zombie apocalypse, right?

There’s a ridiculous amount of depth during this game, including 10 different game modes to unlock. The value may appear a bit steep, but if you are a fan of rogue-like zombie games, it’s well worth the investment!

Graveyard Keeper:

Graveyard Keeper is a cemetery management sim that you just can easily sink hours into while enjoying the dark humor of the rather grim subject material. You will think a game that has you play the role of a town’s gravedigger would be depressing and drab, but Graveyard Keeper’s bright and colorful art style plus the open world and deep crafting mechanics keep things really interesting. You are also be rewarded for cutting corners and getting creative. For instance, you’ll start selling ground-up dead bodies to the local butcher, host witch-burning parties, or attempt to poison a number of the local townsfolk to drive in additional business.

That is the difference between a premium mobile title like Graveyard Keeper and most other free-to-play mobile sim games — collecting resources is not time-restricted for hours and you are able to craft anything you would like within the game just by foraging, completing quests, and maintaining your graveyard. You’ll enjoy the extended play of exploring dungeons and completing quests to search out rare supplies and other treasures.

As you’ll see from the trailer, this game is completely gorgeous with a concise and detailed art style and delightful animations. Because this can be a right away port of a PC/console game, you ought to prepare to sink many hours into this game, which can include just working out the various menus and controls as you’re employed out the way to be the most effective Graveyard Keeper you’ll be!

Android Games

Like computer games, Xbox game and play station games there are many android games. Everything from shooters, RPG, casual games, card collecting, racing, survival and more. Our list is in no particular order, and that we didn’t include huge names like Fortnite or PUBG.